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I would like hunt for friend that like Abdl diaper poop story

Here's my 'first time' story for the 'Stinky, Squishy and Proud' section, almost as I shared it at Experience Project a few years ago — which was the first time I'd ever told anyone I did and do this. I was 15 when I pooped my pants on purpose for the first time. I'd been peeing myself for pleasure for about two years by then.

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It all started when I was 6 years old I started not being able to control when I used the bathroom so I was having a lot of accidents in my pants everyday. So one day when I was 11 after school I was playing outside with my neighboor benny he was 2 years younger than me we were babysat by a girl named lisa who was 19, when benny and I were outside playing I suddenly felt that I needed to poop so without thinking I stood still and felt the mooshy mess fill my huggies and sread across my bottom after I finished benny and I went inside were lisa was making us a snack. We went inside and lisa walked over from the kitchen to grab her phone off the coffie table as she got closer she stopped and gave me a look of concern.

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Untitled - abdl story

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Or Learn more Continue. My First Story not very good.

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Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 4 posts. Well, here's my first story. It isn't too good, though. She has long brown hair and shiny green eyes. She was the most popular kid in school. Until one day Julia was walking to her last class and really had to pee.

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She thought she could hold it until she got home. During that class, Health, she was rocking back and forth the entire class. Her friend, Amanda, was giving her odd looks throughout the class. Once it was over, Amanda went up to Julia and said "Do you have to go to the bathroom or something?

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Julia tried not to think about peeing until she got home. She failed miserably. She kept thinking about toilets, flushing, toilet paper, and other bathroom things. The need to pee only got worse when she realized she had to poop. She gave a little fart, and some pee came out, intensifying the need to pee even more. A little more pee came out. She was wincing.

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She began to run. This only made it worse. She finally reached her house, ran in the door, and began to wet herself. She reached the toilet, but all the pee was already out. It was in her panties and capris. Her poop was in them too. She felt so ashamed. Glad no one was home, she hid the soiled and wet clothing under her bed. When her mom got home, Julia was watching TV. Later that night, Julia was getting her PJ's on when her four year old brother ran in her room.

Thad still wet the bed at night, and had to wear diapers to bed. He hated it.

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Julia thought it made him seem younger. When Julia was asleep, she was dreaming about wetting herself in public. Everyone was laughing, and Julia was crying. When Julia woke up in the morning, she was shocked to find she had wet her bed.

Thinking it would be dry when she got home, she covered up the wet spot and left for school.

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When she got home, her Mother was waiting for her. Your room stinks!! I already bought the diapers, and you'll come up to the bathroom with me and I'll diaper you! Julia was crying.

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She reluctantly went to the bathroom, and was instructed to strip down. No more questions! Her mother called Thad up, and Julia removed her clothing, until she was butt naked. Thad slid the diaper under Julia's bottom, and fastened the diaper around her waist. From now on, you will be treated like a baby and you will talk like a baby. Now, off to bed! Once in her room, she was just about to remove the diaper, when she opened her panties drawer, and found it filled with diapers!

Shocked, she screamed and started crying on her bed. The next morning, thinking yesterday's events were just a dream, she kicked her blanket off of her, and nearly screamed when she saw the diaper. Remembering what her mother had said, she opened her dresser, and found half of it to be filled with baby clothes!

She ran downstairs and demanded to knw what she was suppposed to wear to school. You are an infant. You wear and use diapers.

Diaperpoop stories

You will go to daycare while I am at work. Go get your baby clothes on and, wait, babies don't dress themselves. Wait for me in your room. I'll be up in a minute. Julia muttered something and marched up to her room. Once her mom came in, she was instructed to lay down on the bed.

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Her mother grabbed a cute pink top and a skirt so small you could almost see her entire diaper. After a bit of struggling, Julia was finally wearing the clothes. I have a suprise for you," said her mother. Once in the car, Julia saw saftey seat with the name "Julia" written across it. Tired of fighting, Julia reluctantly got in the seat. Nobody here knows you," said her mother. Reluctantly, she got out of the car and quickly ran to the door. Is this really recessary? Get in the stroller now!

My short diaper stories

Julia got in the stroller and was pushd to the door. Once inside, the daycare attendant walked up and said "Well, a new face! Diapers too! Well, little girl, why don't you go play there with the other kids in diapers?

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Julia sat and thought about how horrible this place was until snacktime. The lady came over and handed each person a bottle, and kissed Julia. Angrily, she started drinking the bottle of milk. After finishing the bottle, she felt a slight need to poop.

Thinking she could wait until later and sneak in to the restroom, she continued to sit and do nothing.

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Suddenly, the urge to poop got too strong, and she started walking to the restrooms. Just as she stood up, the poop filled Julia's diaper. Shocked, she sat down. The poop was smushed on her private.

For some reason, she liked the feeling, and went to sleep on the floor. When she woke up, she had to pee, and so she did it in her diaper. The poop was getting a litle uncomfortable, so, without thinking, she asked the lady for a new diaper. Go back ove there and cry and I'll bring you a diaper. The lady came over and said "It's okay, Julia, I'll get you a fresh diaper," She changed Julia and announced it was naptime. During naptime, Julia stayed awake thinking about her diapers.