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One reason guys may like to eat out girls is because stimulating the clit may result in sexual arousal getting turned on and even orgasm cumming. Ntarupt is proud to honor Gary Ahr with our inaugural community advocate award.

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Gary participated in all of the early coalition meetings where Ntarupt and its partners set our direction and decided on a name. As a founding member of our board of directors, he encouraged our team to focus on making a major impact in whatever we do.

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Since launch last year of TAID, over 22, people have visited our website for information and our paid advertising has garnered 9, impressions through radio, youtube and social media channels. A uniquely gifted activist and advocate, Gary will always use his platform and insistent voice to make a powerful statement that lowering teen pregnancy will keep families out of poverty.

He is similarly passionate and committed to numerous social impact organizations across Dallas, and is a difference maker with his effective style of leadership and community collaboration.

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There is not a public official or philanthropist who has met Gary that does not leave the conversation educated about how teen pregnancy impacts Dallas. If you are getting the idea that Gary is persistent, that is an understatement.

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He does all this with warmth, curiosity and openness. His instincts are strong, and his dogged determination has helped Ntarupt make ificant progress because he is committed to making Dallas a great place for all young people to flourish.

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He has put considerable time, treasure and heart toward making this happen and we take the time to honor him today. Gary, congratulations and thank you for the work you do on our behalf and across the entire community to effect positive change. Share this:.

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